1. Download and install Skype if you don’t already have it on your computer. Start Skype and create a Skype accountif you do not have one already. You can use your existing Skype account or create a totally new one for the competition. 
  2. Log in to Skype and add vibututor1and vibututor2as your contacts. Later you need to add your team members as contacts too. 
  3. We will later send you an email which includes a link to a form with which we collect the Skype address to be later delivered to everybody taking part in the session.

VNC Viewer

  1. Download VNC-viewer from this link for Windows usersand this link for Mac users.
  2. Test the VNC-viewer by typing in the following:

    Server Name:

    Username: ViewOnly

    Password: viewrg

    (These are case-sensitive). Notify us of any problems and we’ll work it out!
NOTE: Your actual simulation computers are not online yet. Please use rg18.utu.fifor testing (as described above). Actual simulation computers will be online about 20-30 minutes before simulation session kick-off.

Adobe Connect Pro

  1. Test Adobe Connect Pro by visiting this link for a quick peek to the VIBu meeting room (enter as a guest). If it opens successfully, it works.

Competition Manuals