Competition Format

The competition has two rounds: preliminary and final. Each round lasts 12 hours including several breaks. Scores will be accumulated and the winning team with the highest profit generated will be announced at the end of the final round.

Participating international business student teams will manage their own manufacture enterprise and work with their suppliers and customers. We will assign teams to be either Subproducers (supplier division) or Biocounter Manufacturers (manufacturer division). The simulation is clock-driven.

Necessary Software

Joining VIBu is easy! Find all of the software you need on our Downloads page. Virtual communication tools are used during the competition:

  1. Skype:Used before and during the competition for intra- and inter- team communication
  2. VNC Viewer:Main tool for company simulation
  3. Adobe Connect Pro:Used after each competition round for results and feedbacks

Competition Rules

  1. Eligibility

    1. Teams will be comprised of 8 – 10 undergraduate/graduate business students
    2. Students have to be enrolled in one of our partner schoolsand apply directly to the VIBu committee at their school
    3. Individual contestants are required to bring their own laptops and have VNC Viewer, Skype, and Adobe Connect Proinstalled
    4. All contestants need to be committed during the competition. You need to commit to being online during the simulation sessions for approximately 3-6 hours per simulation day.
  2. Preparation

    1. Contestants should attend a kickoff session at their school before the start of the competition
    2. Reading the pre-session materialswill be particularly helpful for the simulation
    3. Contact your team members before the simulation sessions, introduce yourself and take part in formulating a business strategy
    4. Test the simulation connection before the actual simulation dates, and contact VIBu operators if anything does not work